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s2k_thurso.jpg (15 KB)

L-R:  Donald L Sinclair, Clan Sinclair USA; Viscount Thurso; Lady Margaret Thurso; Rt Hon The Earl of Caithness PC, Chief of Clan Sinclair; and Bill Sinclair and (with the Chief's Pipe Banner) Rory "Gus" Sinclair, Clan Sinclair Association Canada.


sgc2k_1.jpg (69 KB)

L-R: Countess and Earl of Rosslyn; Bill Sinclair, President, Clan Sinclair Association Canada; Stuart Beattie, Rosslyn Chapel; Rory Sinclair, Canada.


sgc2k_2.jpg (65KB)

L-R: Bill Sinclair, his son Rob, Rob's wife Cynthia, Bill's wife Jean, the Chief and his son Lord Berriedale.


sgc2k_3.jpg (89 KB)

L-R: The Chief, Ian Sinclair of Noss Head, and Scott Sinclair, designer, with a model of his Prince Henry Memorial in Boylston Park, Guysborough, Nova Scotia. (The large version of this photo includes Scott's parents, Bill and Jean Sinclair.)


sgc2k_4.jpg (91 KB)

L-R: Rory "Gus" Sinclair (Canada), David Sinclair Bouschor (USA), and John MacIntyre (Australia).


royal_tribute_sinclairs.jpg (234 KB)

The Clan Sinclair Group at the Royal Tribute to the Queen Mother on her 100th Birthday, Edinburgh Castle.


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